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3W CLINIC Rose Eye Cream 40ml

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Product Description

Including rose water complex and rose extract helps to smoothen wrinkle your eye rims.
It gives a nourishing and whitening effect on your skin. Focusing on whitening/wrinkle improvement dual function.

How To Use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it around the eyes and pat it gently for absorption.


Key Ingredients :

Rose Extract : Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help ease symptoms of inflammatory eye disorders . Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva. This is the clear membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the white part of your eyeball. Rose water can help prevent dry eyes and cleanse the eyes of dust, reducing the likelihood of developing these conditions.

Niacinamide : Niacinamide is making an appearance in eye creams these days, and for good reason. “Niacinamide is helpful for the eyes for a combination of safety and efficacy. It helps with dark circles and wrinkles, two of the major complaints of the skin around the eyes. Because there’s a low risk of irritation or inflammation from using it, you can apply it to the delicate, thin skin around the eyes without worry.

Glycerin : It is used to treat certain conditions in which there is increased eye pressure, such as glaucoma. It may also be used before eye surgery to reduce pressure in the eye.

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