Experiences with Raw by Pastels Sweet Almond Oil by Zyaskinthoughts

Experiences with Raw by Pastels Sweet Almond Oil by Zyaskinthoughts

Almond Oil has been used for centuries as it has so many benefits especially for skin. There are two types of Almond oil; Sweet & Bitter Almond oil but Sweet Almond Oil suits skin better. Some articles that I read also mentioned that "Sweet Almond Oil is skin bestfriend" due to its benefits. Do you want a new best friend? 😂

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Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

Mainly, Sweet Almond Oil helps to reduce acne, skin texture and protects skin from UV damage. Sweet Almond Oil contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and Zinc.

Those nutrients beneficial for skin as

🔸Vitamin A helps to reduce acne (anti-inflammatory properties)

🔸Vitamin E helps to reduce UV-caused skin damages and smoothen skin texture

🔸Omega-3 fatty acids helps in retaining skin moisture




100% cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil.

Features of Raw by Pastels Sweet Almond Oil

Texture & scent

Light oil texture with nutty oil scent. This oil is recommended for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin as it has level 2 of comedogenic scale. It also has high composition in oleic acid. 


It comes in a cute, practical 15ml glass dropper bottle. Easy to bring anywhere but the sticker easily scratch *in case you need you good photos 😅* 


Experiences #zyathoughts

It took me a lil bit longer to come out with a thought for this oil. I haven't tried any brand of single ingredient for this oil before but I did cleansing oil that uses almond oil in the ingredients.

In the previous article, I already shared on how to use face oils and my experiences on using it in different ways. I also tried various ways with this Sweet Almond Oil.

At first, I tried using it after moisturizer. I did experience a negative impression at first, there are a lot of whitehead acne on my chin area. Then, I rest for a while *that's why I take longer time for this review*. After the acnes soothe down, I tried to mix the oil with moisturizer. Luckily, it suited my skin and I continued using it in a longer time. Good thing that I realized when I used this is my acne healed faster even though I skipped my soothing serum. 

At last, I am still thinking why my skin can't use this oil alone without mixing it with moisturizer. So, I tried to use it alone without mixing it with moisturizer and I ended up with getting a new acne 😅

Sometimes what works on me might not work on you. Overall, it's such a great up and down experience with this Sweet Almond Oil. 

You may purchase this oil on the link below ⬇️


See you in the next article! 

Love & care,

Aziah Syaffa

Instagram: @zyaskinthoughts