Many websites create Cookies (small text files) when a user visits a website, and these Cookies are used to analyze aggregate user behavior on a website.

  • The visitor’s IP address (including the domain name associated with the IP address, i.e. using reverse lookup).
  • The date and time of the visit to the website.
  • The pages visited on the website.
  • The browser is being used.

In addition, where this is available, we will also collect:

  • The country from which the visitor is accessing the website (only the ending is saved, e.g., de, since this indicates the relevant country).
  • The language of the browser being used.
  • The website from which the visitor is accessing our website.
  • The search word used (if the site is accessed via a search engine).
  • The type of connection and operating system.

When you submit your order to, we process your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data regulations. This implies that:

  • Your personal data will be treated confidentially
  • We only use your personal data for order management purposes
  • We do not disclose your personal data, except for the data processors we use in our order fulfillment procedure.

Access to this personal data is restricted to relevant employees within only. Your personal data are stored on a secure server.

Any personal data received from you with your application will only be used for the purpose of processing your order and will not be disclosed.